At its broadest definition, information technology (IT) encompasses an entire industry of computers and related parts, includingsoftware. For this reason alone, information technology can be considered important. Information technology really is also important because of what it is used for, data management. Whether storing, maintaining, retrieving, transmitting or protecting, life as we know it might be at a stand still without the ubiquitous data stream.

Information technology is used for storing, protecting, processing, securing, transmitting, receiving and retrieving information. In business establishments, information technology is used for solving mathematical and logical problems. Information technology helps in project management system. Firstly, planning is done, then the data is collected, sorted and processed and finally, results are generated. It helps managers and workers to inquire about a particular problem, conceive its complexity and generate new products and services, thereby improving their productivity and output.

The primary importance of information technology in education is that various learning resources can be accessed instantly, by students as well as teachers, at their convenience. Learners can also adopt multimedia approach and collaborative learning. The information is authentic and the latest updated information is available. Multiple communication approaches like chats, forums, e-mails, etc. can be adopted by them. Students can access the on-line libraries and distance learning is also possible. Information technology has proved to be a significant employer. Many people with knowledge of computers have got jobs in the field of information technology and have successfully made it into a career. It has helped in finding cures for many diseases thereby serving mankind in more ways than one. Different kind of softwares are provided for hearing and visually impaired people which aids them in their passion for learning new things and gathering information.