My 2010 didn’t start so good actually. I was looking for a job that time coz I stop from teaching. I was sick for awhile. I applied & work for 2 different jobs but still it didn’t last. Thank God I was able to go back in teaching & d rest was just for awhile. I also got hired from Blueagle by feb. Since then, jobs were constantly coming concurrently. In my 1st quarter of 2010, I was able to work simultaneously for four different jobs and only two lasted. Hahahhaha.

GOD you are indeed so good. I was able to buy a new partner – my lappy. I was able to travel which I considered best part of my year. I was able to help. I have my Padre Pio’s Home for Children family. I met new friends. I’m able to start my Masters Degree and I am deeply proud to say that it is from my very own pocket.

This year is really my year. I was able to celebrate my birthday with a big bash, of course with the rest of the gang. Even a month of thanksgiving isn’t enough to express my gratitude to our Dear GOD. I am just so happy that my 2010 is really a year of success, and happiness. Thank you Lord for all the blessings and for the continued LOVE. To all of you folks, thank you also for being part of my 2010 calendar.