I am writing this article while waiting for my order (halo-halo & siomai) here inside a food chain. I immediately write this one ‘coz I really felt bad entering here in Victoria Plaza whose accessibility is very poor. Yes, their entrance has ramp for wheelchair but what about going to the 2nd floor? Would you believe they don’t have elevator or something to lift me up going to 2nd floor. So, how can I buy some stuff if it’s in the 2nd floor and they don’t have any ways for me to get there? I really thought of reporting this mall to the authority coz I just don’t want any other physically challenged person experience and feel how I feel right now. It’s really disappointing.

Hindi na nila naisip na may mga may kapansanan na namumuhay ng normal but how can we live normally kung sa lugar palang pinagkakaitan na kami. I believe it’s in the law already that all establishments should be accessible to PWDs (person’s with disability).

This is a call also to the government esp. to each local government that they should take actions on this matter. PWDs are not just merely a disable or handicap person, we are human being that I think could be part and contribute to the improvements of the country. hahayyyy stressful day. Bakit naman kasi sobrang traffic going to Abreeza mall kaya ito naisip na dito nalang sa VP. LoL

Makakain na nga lang ng halo-halo… LoL