The first reason is choice. Since Interment usually happens daily, choice lots are also being bought daily. So by the time you actually need one, you’ll most likely look at a sold lot and wish you could still buy it. Buying now assures you of getting that choice lot – today.

The second reason is affordability. If you buy a lot at the point of need, you will have to make full payment. You also pay more since lots will sell higher in the future. Buying now not only locks you to current price, you can also buy under more affordable payment schemes such as 3 years or 5 years to pay.

The third reason is protection. When you buy ahead of time, you assure your family of less financial strains upon the demise of a family member. What’s more,  installment purchase is covered by insurance – adding further protection for the family. Upon demise of lot owner, the inurer will shoulder the remaining dues (Up to a maximum of Php 200,000).

The fourth reason is investment. One thing is for sure; the lot you buy now will sell higher in the future. And because fewer lots are available in the future, you are assured that you have invested your money on a “high demand” instrument.

These are the reasons why people today buy memorial lots ahead of time. Don’t you think it’s time you do the same? Here is one premiere memorial park in Davao city.

FOREST LAKE MAA MEMORIAL PARK (also available in Panacan)

Contact person: Naprey Almario

Mobile #: 09205916206 / 09228794205