VLOG: Abreeza Ayala Mall as to Accessibility

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This is my first Video Blog or should I say VLOG. My VLOG/s will feature places in the country and their accessibility for wheelchair person and to all Persons With Disabilities (PWDs). This is to give awareness to the public that it’s already part of the Law which is called The Batas Pambansa Bldg 344. The said accessibility law is a way to enhance the mobility of PWDs by requiring certain buildings, institutions, establishments and public utilities to install facilities and other devices for accessibility. This will promote the realization of the rights of PWDs to participate fully in the social life and the development of the country.

We Exist. We Participate. We Contribute.


Why Buy Memorial Lots Before You Need One?

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The first reason is choice. Since Interment usually happens daily, choice lots are also being bought daily. So by the time you actually need one, you’ll most likely look at a sold lot and wish you could still buy it. Buying now assures you of getting that choice lot – today.

The second reason is affordability. If you buy a lot at the point of need, you will have to make full payment. You also pay more since lots will sell higher in the future. Buying now not only locks you to current price, you can also buy under more affordable payment schemes such as 3 years or 5 years to pay.

The third reason is protection. When you buy ahead of time, you assure your family of less financial strains upon the demise of a family member. What’s more,  installment purchase is covered by insurance – adding further protection for the family. Upon demise of lot owner, the inurer will shoulder the remaining dues (Up to a maximum of Php 200,000).

The fourth reason is investment. One thing is for sure; the lot you buy now will sell higher in the future. And because fewer lots are available in the future, you are assured that you have invested your money on a “high demand” instrument.

These are the reasons why people today buy memorial lots ahead of time. Don’t you think it’s time you do the same? Here is one premiere memorial park in Davao city.

FOREST LAKE MAA MEMORIAL PARK (also available in Panacan)

Contact person: Naprey Almario

Mobile #: 09205916206 / 09228794205


Stamarians Celebrates 43rd Araw ng Sta.Maria Dvao del Sur

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Sta.Maria was in the festive mood once again as its celebrate 43rd founding anniversary on June 18, 2011. The celebration actually started on June 15 but i didn’t got the chance to took some pics coz I went there only during the anniversary(june 18). I can say that it was really a different celebration for this year. More activities where added and it was more exciting. and i think the best activity during that day was the fireworks display coz if im not mistaken, its 1st time to happened in sta maria. Mutya ng Sta.Maria was also part of the activities so as the motor cross, gay boxing, sta maria got talent, street party w/ live bands, fire dancing, drum and bugle presentation, street dancing and many more. Here are some of the activities happened during the said event.

Fireworks Display

Sta.Maria Got Talent

43rd Araw ng Sta. Maria Davao del Sur | Schedule

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Happening on the 18th of June 2011 – Saturday but the celebration starts from the 15th of June and that is today. Below are the schedule of activities for the said event.

I am inviting all my fellow STAMARIANS to participate in this very spectacular event in our hometown.  Let us all celebrate the 43rd Araw ng Sta. Maria Davao del Sur and lets invite more visitors to come also and join us in the celebration. Padayon sa paglambo!!!

Purple Angel’s Cuzina

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Puple Angels Cuzina offers a pleasurable and refined dining experience with your family and friends with these delectable foods they served. It’s a newly opened restaurant in Patnubay St. Sandawa Road (near 911) Matina Davao city.

The said restaurant also offers catering services for birthdays, debut, meetings, and other events with a very reasonable price. And among any other dishes that they served, Purple Angel’s very own BAby BAck RIbs and BOneless CHicken BArbeque has always been a favorite of many. Delightful pastries are also part of Purple Angels menu such as apple pie, cakes, brownies, and many other desserts. Another thing about Purple Angels Cuzina is their  seafood vegetable salad which is really a nom nom nom nom yummy. Come and visit Purple Angels Cuzina or call at 299-1100.

Purple Angels Menu

Purple Angels Baby Back Ribs
Boneless Chicken BBQ
Pork Steak
Crispy Chicken Caesar’s Salad
Fried Chicken
Chicken Fingers
Purple Angels Spicy Chicken
Tuna Caesar’s Salad
Breaded Prokchop
Lumpia Shanghai
Popcorn Shrimp with chips
Crispy Fried Tilapia Fillet
Fish Fillet
Calamares With Chips
Seafood Platter
Crispy Fried Boneless Bangus w/ Sinamak Sauce
Chicken Pansit Chopsuey
Boneless Bangus Tocino
Crispy Bacon
Beef w/ Broccoli
Pork Tocino
Jumbo Hotdog
Soup of the Day
Vegetable Salad w/ Shrimp
Banana Choco Chips
Chicken and Mushroom crepe
Purple angels Pizza Overload
Ham and Cheese
Chocolate Truffles
Brownies Ala Mode
Apple Pie
Mango Crepe
Mango shake
Watermelon Shake
Pineapple Shake
Juices and Beverages

Abreeza needs Improvement in terms of PWD Accessibility

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So far, ang dami pang dapat i-improve ng Abreeza Ayala Mall in terms of PWD accessibility. Pagbaba ko palang sa taxi, ito unang una ko napansin. My isang signage nakalagay itong wheelchair icon, so i was expecting my ramp don. But to my dismay, ang ramp pala andon pa sa dulo.Naghanap ako ng pwede ko sana makausap don kaso dahil sa pagmamadali kasi gutom na din, hindi nalang. At ito pa, ang daming lugar na mejo elevated, ‘yon bang pagbaba mo ng wheelchair magugulat ka kasi hindi pala pantay ‘yong dinadaanan mo. At ito pa, ang napuntahan kong CR for handicap, under construction pa daw. Bakit ganun, kung iisipin ang isang handicap CR kunti lang nman ang deperensya sa isang ordinaryong CR bat hindi pa nila matapos tapos? Isa pa, isang “bowl” lang nman yan. Kaya para sakin, SM parin ako.

Still hoping that as the construction is still on going in that said mall, they might be able to realize all these things. Just a reminder that there are PWDs (Persons With Disability) who went to malls alone just like me and I am saying this in behalf of my fellow PWDs. Hindi lamang ‘yong mga naka wheelchair pati yong ibang my kapansanan. So sana matuunan ito ng pansin.

My Beautiful Sta. Maria Dvao del Sur


The relaxing view of mountains and trees, the soothing atmosphere of bukid ambience are just part of our voyage to my hometown – Sta. Maria Davao del Sur, happened last May 15, 2011.  It was such a heartwarming experience because at that time, me and my friends from Davao city went there for a very noble cause and that was the Back 2 School Gift Giving Project. We went there to give school supplies to less fortunate children.

After the said project, another part of our trip was going to the beach. Here are just some of the happy memories we had.

This voyage of ours was really memorable especially with friends and family and in a very special purpose. Something to keep and will forever be treasured. Tnx for the memories my friends.

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