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My name is Naprey Almario, a volunteer of various organizations in Davao city like the Padre Pio’s Home for Children and the organization for Person’s With Disability. Together with my colleagues, friends, & family, we have been doing some community activities in the said city and as part of it, we are organizing a Gift Giving Project this summer and it’s called “BACK TO SCHOOL GIFT GIVING PROJECT”. We will be giving School Supplies to selected children at Kumasi, Basiawan Sta. Maria Davao del Sur on the 15th of May 2011.

In line with this, we respectfully ask for your kindest hearts to support this project to help school children who do not have necessary materials to foster their basic education. We believed that education that teaches good moral character is the key to change our nation for better. We would like to present our advocacy project as an opportunity for you to extend your goodwill, by helping in providing better education to our young ones.

Should you express interest in making this vision a reality, please do not hesitate to contact me and details are indicated below.

Naprey “napz” Almario

mobile: 09228794205/09205916206


Thank you for your support!



Naprey Almario

Community Activities

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Here are some of the school supplies that I need for the said Back 2 School Gift Giving Project.

-Pencils                                      -Ballpoint pens

-Colored Pencils                         -Coupon bond / Colored Papers

-Crayons                                    -Scissors

-Notebooks                                -Elementary Papers

-Sharpeners                              -Glue or Paste

-Rulers                                       -School Bags

-Pencil Cases                             -others