Last month, I bought a second-hand car. The car was a beauty. (Yes, I’m still a guy. As a little boy, my favorite toy was the matchbox.) I was curious why the owner was selling it—because it was just four years old. The leather seats still smelled nice. The paint was still shiny. The engine was still powerful. When I visited his home to pay for the car, I realized why. In the parking lot, he had newer, bigger, better cars. No wonder he was getting rid of his older car. To him, the car was garbage. But to me, the car was gold. It’s funny how one thing can be garbage to one person and gold to the other.

“God Chose Me”

Once upon a time, I felt like garbage too. That was how I saw myself. I was a man with an uncontrollable sin. I was so messed up I was ashamed that I was even alive. But Jesus looked at me and didn’t see the garbage. He only saw the gold. And He loved me so much, He bought me. He said, “No price is too high. Not cost too big. I want you.” He ended up paying with His life, shedding his blood. Friend, this is the Jesus whom we follow. This Good Friday, I invite you to see what Jesus sees in you. Find the gold that He insists is there in you. And receive His love anew this Holy Week.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez