March 18( 9pm) – I was texting with my friend if he’s going with me in the audition and he was in second thought of not because of financial problem. Then i told him I will be the one to shoulder his fare. He finally say yes and we agreed that we’ll be leaving davao @4am.

March 19 (4:30am) – unfortunately, I woke up around 4:30am then texted my friend to prepare then and we’ll just meet at the bus terminal. Around 6am, we finally started our ride going to Tagum city. 7:30am we were in the said city already but we need to find a store where we could have Xerox my ID and birth certificate because it’s the requirement for the audition. Like 30minutes of riding a tricycle just to look for a Xerox machine and finally we saw one (thank you to the tricycle driver). Around 8am we went to Gaisano south grand mall where the audition was happening. When I saw the lines for the audition, I felt like of not auditioning. People are intently looking at us and I know what’s in their minds. Hehehehhe. Well, I said to my friend and I quote “Naa nata dinhe og mao ni atong tuyo so tara na mo linya nata”.

Then finally we fell in line and as I estimated there were around 2000 auditionees already at that time. The audition started around 10am and you could imagine there were 2000 people already before us and time to time only 10 auditionees will have their numbers then go inside to face the first screening. Like how many hours of waiting outside just to get our number and we experienced heat, rain, heat, rain again and we had no choice but to remain in line.

It’s around 2pm that people are really in motion while having the lines, in just a few minutes we could feel and imagine that stampede might happened for people are really trying to go first. My friend and I decided to leave our lines and were gonna try to ask the management if we could just stay on the side and ask for our numbers. We explained to them that its quite difficult for us to continue to fell in line since I am in wheelchair and thank GOD they permitted us coz if not we might really go home for that reason. Then we had our numbers now and then we stayed in the corner to wait for our numbers to be called. It’s almost 5pm and we decided to have our lunch, yes lunch @5pm and take note we didn’t had our breakfast also. We went inside the mall to eat our meal then went back outside to wait for our turn.

It’s around 9:30pm when we had our first screening with director laurente diogi of ABS-CBN.

to be continue…