Stamarians Celebrates 43rd Araw ng Sta.Maria Dvao del Sur

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Sta.Maria was in the festive mood once again as its celebrate 43rd founding anniversary on June 18, 2011. The celebration actually started on June 15 but i didn’t got the chance to took some pics coz I went there only during the anniversary(june 18). I can say that it was really a different celebration for this year. More activities where added and it was more exciting. and i think the best activity during that day was the fireworks display coz if im not mistaken, its 1st time to happened in sta maria. Mutya ng Sta.Maria was also part of the activities so as the motor cross, gay boxing, sta maria got talent, street party w/ live bands, fire dancing, drum and bugle presentation, street dancing and many more. Here are some of the activities happened during the said event.

Fireworks Display

Sta.Maria Got Talent


43rd Araw ng Sta. Maria Davao del Sur | Schedule

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Happening on the 18th of June 2011 – Saturday but the celebration starts from the 15th of June and that is today. Below are the schedule of activities for the said event.

I am inviting all my fellow STAMARIANS to participate in this very spectacular event in our hometown.  Let us all celebrate the 43rd Araw ng Sta. Maria Davao del Sur and lets invite more visitors to come also and join us in the celebration. Padayon sa paglambo!!!

My Beautiful Sta. Maria Dvao del Sur


The relaxing view of mountains and trees, the soothing atmosphere of bukid ambience are just part of our voyage to my hometown – Sta. Maria Davao del Sur, happened last May 15, 2011.  It was such a heartwarming experience because at that time, me and my friends from Davao city went there for a very noble cause and that was the Back 2 School Gift Giving Project. We went there to give school supplies to less fortunate children.

After the said project, another part of our trip was going to the beach. Here are just some of the happy memories we had.

This voyage of ours was really memorable especially with friends and family and in a very special purpose. Something to keep and will forever be treasured. Tnx for the memories my friends.

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